a little hell

Where in the Hell Is Our Cat?

I was standing with my wife, Susan, on the back patio at Diane’s house, looking at a dozen little off-white tufts that w


Little,a little,few,a few分不清,看这里!

Little和a little用来指代或修饰不可数,Few 和 a few用来指代或修饰可数名词,Little和few表示否定意义,a little和a few表示肯定意义。 语法 We usually have li...


few/a few与little/a little的区别

1.few与a few修饰可数名词的复数;而little与a little修饰不可数名词(冉老师有话说:little常用意思“小的”): 例如:I have a few friends.我有几个朋友。 (...


区分few/a few/little/a little(详细讲解)

few后面跟的是什么词?___ little后面跟的是什么词?___ ①a few与few的区别是什么呢? a few一些;few没有 ②a little与little的区别是什么呢? a little一些...


英语语法:few,little,a few,a little区别

few / little 为否定含义,没有多少了。 He has a few friends. 他有几个朋友。 He has few friends. 他几乎没有朋友。 We still have a little time...